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Business brokering

We have low fees and the best terms. We have assisted a long list of buyers and sellers in the buying and selling process. We first typically estimate the value of the business, then advertise it for sale without disclosing its identity. We handle the initial potential buyer interviews, discussions and negotiations with prospective buyers, then facilitate the progress of the due diligence investigation and generally assist with the business sale.


Business management

We partner with Business Suite 360 to enhance small businesses with optimal management and customer service.


CFO services

We push your business to the next level and the level after that. Experienced CFOs don't come cheap, a big financial commitment for a small and growing company. You'll gain all the expertise you need and avoid the search and training time needed to bring on that one perfect CFO for your business. CFO's go beyond what accountants and controllers do. Reporting, accountability, arming you with financial and operational insights, strategy, raising capital, budget and financial projections, board meeting preparations and managing investor relations are some of the roles the CFO will take on. The role of the CFO has evolved to be an advisor and a strategic partner to the business owner or CEO.


Tax planning

In selling a business your exposure is a 40% estate tax, a 35% ordinary tax rate and/or a 15% long-term capital gain. We can reduce your exposure substantially. Selling a business can entail selling several types of assets, including business equipment and supplies, pending client transactions, real property and investment assets. Business owners must legally dissolve or close their businesses according to their state's laws and with the Internal Revenue Service. Closing a business requires careful tax planning to avoid unpaid federal business taxes.


Accounting services

We feel we have a fiduciary responsibility to our clients. Many times, we find that the accountant for our clients may not have the expertise needed for the business. We can help. Internal staff and business partners step in to correct and professionally maintain your books. Organization and financial insight give your company the edge.


Board of Director oversight

Boards are expected to provide strategic guidance, help shape culture and hold business management accountable for improving performance.  Critical to the success of the CEO and the organization is a board of directors with the competencies and intellectual capital to address the toughest strategic and operational challenges. We work directly with the board and senior management to help facilitate implementation of specific improvement measures that we or others develop. We have decades of experience in corporate oversight, building companies exponentially.


Rebate analysis

Dozens of potential rebates can be available to your company. We provide an analysis of the potential rebates available to your company, lowering costs or increasing revenues.


Turn-around services

We have decades of business turn-around services. No upfront cost to you. Our fees are based on performance. Our turn-around services include very quickly understanding your business model and all of its components, recognizing both financial and operational trouble spots and restructuring the business. We grow businesses to be solid and top performing.


Minority business setup and reporting

Corporations, the federal government, and state agencies all want to do business with minority-owned companies. Contracting with minority-owned businesses is important to customers, and it's responsible. Having a minority-owned business certification can help you tap into a bevy of public and private sector programs. Having a minority-based business certification can be a real asset. To achieve certification, at least 51 percent of the business or the company's stock must be owned by minority individuals, and the management and operations must also be controlled by such individuals.


Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing is any strategy that helps increase your company’s visibility in search engines like Google. Just because you make a website and add pages to it every so often doesn’t mean that you’ll appear in search results when someone searches for your products or services. You have to optimize your site to rank well, and keep up with search trends to make sure your target audience finds you before your competitors. SEO and PPC are the two main strategies to increase website visibility. For over 20 years, we have been driving web traffic to company websites.

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